Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why do the Strengths Work the Way They Do?

Why is it that I who have accomplished so much in life regardless of challenges, worked so hard at my dream and did actually accomplish it would not be recognized at an Achiever? The answer is if we become our Strengths fully and utilize them properly and move towards ever self-actualization then we all would be achievers.  But the reason one might be identified an Achiever has nothing to do with their actual achievements.  It has to do with the natural tendency one has towards a talent, which if practiced and exhibited constantly, then that talent becomes a Strength.  It is in the way we experience our Strengths. The way we exhibit them. The way we constantly perform them with near perfect performance, that sets a Strength apart from another.

I did accomplish a Doctorate Degree and became a successful consultant and trainer but not because I was an Achiever.  But because I trusted and practiced what I was naturally good at.  This includes being a Relator, a Learner, an Inluder and a Command.  And moving forward through all the life's difficulties and having faith that there must be a better system, a system that is functional and peaceful.  That was due to my Connectedness Strength not an Achiever Strength. In fact, an Achiever is never satisfied. Always on the go, finish this and on to the next project.  It will never end.  Where as my accomplishment is enough for me and I don't have to achieve another thing as long as I live and I'll be happy.  But the Learner in me keeps me going like an Achiever.  The Learner makes me want to know more, to create more, and to pass it on to others which is the reason I still go on to achieve more.  Again, the experience of achieving through Learner is different than the experience of achieving through the strength of Achiever.  It is so fascinating how these Strengths work.  It truly is.

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