Monday, December 30, 2013

Intention Sets The Tone.
Without Right Intention we miss the target. We stress over why some things just don't work. Our intentions change from situation to situation and we go off track. Having clarified an overarching intention for various aspects of our lives help us get back on track quicker, with more ease and self-compassion.

On Sunday January 12, our teachers will guide us as we spend the day to meditate, contemplate and clarify our overarching intentions in any of all of these six areas of our lives:
1. Social
2. Physical
3. Play
4. Finance
5. Community
6. Career
Join us to start the year with the Right Intention and tools to help you get yourself back to it when you veer off.

For more information and to register click below:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Enhancing Quality of Life, All Around!

Quality of Life,
All Around! 

Have you thought about what it would take to enhance every aspect of your life from health & wellness to focus and relationships and even productivity?  Brain experts such as Daniel Siegel tell us that mind can change the brain.  Studies indicate how much the quality of life changes when we make efforts to cultivate a mind that is able to be in the moment without being in conflict with the moment.  Living this conventional life can delude us to believe conventions set by mankind as the truth about life.  Having to work, to make deadlines, to perform obligations, to please others, to conform to structure and on and on.  These are conventions and not facts nor are they good enough reasons for us to suffer.

When we have mindfulness and are mentally healthy there can be peace, joy and stability of the heart and mind regardless of the circumstance. 

According to Daniel Siegel , the definition of metal health can be found in this acronym.  FACES: Flexibility, Adaptiveness, Coherence, Energy (engagement) and Stability.  This is a sign of a well integrated brain, which if
you don't feel you quiet have, you can actually develop by practicing in very specific and accessible ways.

Living with peace, joy and good health is truly worth making the effort.